WELLNESS MIROKU is open by appointment only as a pro-active measure against Covid-19.   Hope you and your loved ones will keep safe and robust! 

CREATIVE WELLNESS SERIES with life time co-branding with Wellness Inventory based on Dr John W Travis model.  

Upcoming events

  • 9 October 2022 ‘Memoir & Wellness’ with emerging writer/poet Jo Curtain, and esperanto researcher Charles Stevenson (SA)
  • 9 August 2022 ‘Vitality & Wellness’ with Marguerite van Engelen (kinesiology and more) and Lyn Ranford (exercise for seniors) and Qi Gung with Anne Celan

Happiness Index, Qi Gung, and Foods that improve moods 5 December 2021

Stories of Wellness & Resilience in open air at Jan Juc with magpies 29 Sep 2020

Sensing & Wellness at Bird Rock Cafe with Esperanto Club, artists from Ashmore Arts and music of Gary Banks on 20 October 2019

Water & your Wellness with Richard Marks, Richy Bennet & Adam Stanley in June 2019

We celebrated International Women’s Day for 8 March 2019!  

‘Creative Wellness on Women’s Stories’ on 19 February 2019

Wellness Miroku Australia promotes eco-sustainability and energy conservation to contribute to the community’s healthier environment.